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It was a jolly nice Easter this year at #FurryTails and it was also Albert’s (@ATGBear) 100th birthday! We started Easter with a grand Egg Hunt, I wonder if you can spot how many hidden eggs there are in the picture? The cubs ran around looking for eggs all over the garden. It was great […]

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Newton Abbot Train Fair

There was a Train and Toy fair at the Newton Abbot race course and I packed some sandwiches and the valet into the automobile and headed out into the mist. It was a jolly long way and we were jolly excited to visit a race course! It was jolly nice to see Dee (@SherfordBear) at […]

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Beanie Dinker

Beanie is a little¬†Dinker and heard about the fun her cousins¬†Indy and Fjord were having in the Hug and decided she would like to come and live with us! I was most happy with that and pretty soon Beanie was on her way to us! One or two of the Hug gathered to meet Beanie… […]

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Indy and Fjord

When I met Harrison Dinker at Plympton and chatted about his cousins Fjord and Indy I just knew they would be right at home by the riverside. We had a little wait and everyone in the Hug were keen to meet the new bears. They arrived on a jolly nice sunny day and as we […]

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Plympton Dinkers

On a bright day at the end of November the Valet drove me to the Plympton Craft Fair to meet Dee @Sherfordbear and see the Dinkers getting ready for Christmas. It was jolly exciting to see Potty again and we had a jolly good chat and caught up on our news. It was smashing to […]

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