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About | Toddy Furrington
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mauriceI’m Toddy Furrington, a jolly steampunk bear enjoying cups of tea, jazz and gingery novels. I’m the bumblebee keeper at the #FurryTails – we only have one bee, he’s called Maurice. I’m also a flying machine enthusiast in #TheAviators and do a spot of flying around Twitter.

The first grand-cub to come and stay with me was Chica and she was soon joined by her  sisfur Muffin. Dinkers and Twecckles come from Dee @SherfordBear – Here are Chica and Muffin Dinker with Twecckles Maja, Fizzle and Ziggy.


Mungo Fuzzy was the first fuzzy bear to come to me and the second of my grandcubs. Mungo was soon joined by Joey, Levi and Lyndon Fuzzy. They are real live wires and run and play all day long. Mungo is an explorer and likes to climb the bookcases and find books about far away places. The fuzzy bears come from @i_am_fuzzy in Rutland. I am a lucky old grandpaw bear to have the cubs in my life. Here are Mungo, Levi and Joey in their pyjamas.


At a visit to Alton Bear Festival young Ditzee Dinker told me she would like to come home to the #TeddyEmbassy with her cousins. I was delighted and three new Dinkers and their Twecckles came to stay with me. Suddenly my lonely days were long gone and the #TeddyEmbassy was filled with giggling bears. Here are Cirrus Twecckle, Poogle, Bertie and Ditzee Dinker.


Our family pets are Tuppy Bunny, who my good friend the Vicar brought to stay and Beatie Border Terrier – from @borderbears – who is a smashing chap like all borders.

Beatie and Tuppy

My nephew Winston Kirby Furrington has come to stay at the #TeddyEmbassy with me. I am jolly pleased because he is a smashing chap who I put up as a member of the Pelican Club. Always ready with an anecdote and first to get in a round of Fizz.

Winston Kirby Furrington 640


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