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Bonfire Night

Remember, remember! The fifth of November, the Gunpowder treason and plot;  I know of no reason why the Gunpowder treason should ever be forgot!

Bonfire 640

When Bonfire night rolled around I lit the bonfire on the riverbank and Cuddles and Chalky got the Bonfire treats ready. It was jolly exciting to see the firelight reflected in the River Ursa and the warmth of the bonfire touching our faces on the decking.

Fireworks River 640

We had some beautiful “No Bang” fireworks… with many oh’s and ah’s as they burst in silence over the river. It was really smashing and the cubs enjoyed themselves enormously!

Toffee Apples 640

We had some jolly nice traditional treats like toffee apples while we watched the fireworks… it was all jolly good fun.

Bonfire Embers with Toddy

The night was cold and crisp and I was grateful for the warmth of the bonfire as it burned down to embers. What a jolly nice night at the riverbank and another year where the Gunpowder plot is remembered.

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Our first Halloween at #FurryTails Bar and Clubhouse was great fun. We had dressing up, spooky food and some great music. I really had a great time and the bar was quite busy. Cuddles and Chalky were monsters and made some wonderful treats for us all.

CandC Monsters 640

We set up an apple bobbing area and it was great fun getting those apples and getting wet. Lots of laughter and happiness for us all. This Halloween I dressed up as the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz. I do like those stories. How do I look?

Apple Bobbing 640

The cubs had great fun with all the Halloween candy and the music. Their giggling and chasing around were a delight to see. We were also lucky to have some Halloween hats made by Squeaky @OatyBear which the cubs absolutely love!

Pumpkin Hats from Squeaky

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Maurice the Bee

With the move to #FurryTails bar and clubhouse our mascot Maurice has set up in a jolly nice hive on the riverbank. The year is growing old and Maurice is sleeping more and more but he will be a happy regular at #FurryTails. We even have a FurryTails special honey ale made specially for him. You can follow Maurice on Twitter on @MauriceHoneyBee.

Maurice 640

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FurryTails Bar and Clubhouse

FurryTails Riverside All

I was feeling a little lost, then, with my dear furends Cuddles and Chalky @Chalkybear13, we found the #FurryTails bar and club house! Oh what a weekend we had planning the grand opening – which was on Wednesday  8th October. #FurryTails brings us out of the city and into countryside with a wonderful view of the River Ursa.

Decking - Toddy 640

#FurryTails has a wonderful decking terrace with patio heaters for these cooler autumn days. I love to sit out on the terrace early in the morning and watch the ducks on the river, and again in the evening with furends, to watch the sun go down and bats take to the wing.

Comfy Chairs 640

Inside #FurryTails is cosy and welcoming… we have lots of overstuffed leather armchairs and sofas. We have a smashing library run by chief librarian Uncle @ThisBear and his beautiful assistant Tabitha @TabithaTeddy, a spa, a ball pit and a jolly nice boat house. Naturally Maurice @MauriceHoneyBee has moved his hive to the riverbank meadow for the last of the flowers.

Billiards Room 640

Do you like the #FurryTails Billiard room? It’s next door the Library and has smashing table and a dart board! I’m no good at pool and snooker but I have had lots of fun having a go. I’m having lots of fun with the new bar and clubhouse and the cubs are jolly happy. The move has been a smashing success.

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Pyjama Party Scary Story

PJ_Pawty_640 We had a jolly nice Pyjama Party at the #TeddyEmbassy with great music and drinks and smashing food. The evening grew darker and chaps were tired out from all the dancing… so I told a scary story from my days in darkest Africa! Scary_Story_640 When I was a cub in Africa we sat in the hut, sleepy after a long day in the fields… and as we were falling asleep there was a clank, clank, clank sound from above the roof… Hut_640 “Oh no!” one of the cubs wailed… “it’s the vulture spirit coming for us!” We looked at each other worried… “There’s no vulture spirit!” said the oldest cub and he went out of the hut to look… and didn’t come back! Spirit_vulture_640 Clank, clank, clank… the sound came from above the roof… “Oh no…” cried the cubs ” it’s the hyena spirit coming for us!” We looked around at each other.  “There’s no hyena spirit!” said the next oldest cub and he went out of the hut to look… and didn’t come back! Spirit_hyena_640 Clank, clank, clank the sound came from above the roof… “Oh no… oh no…” cried the cubs, ” it’s the wild witch woman coming for us!” Oh no… I was the next oldest cub! “I don’t believe in witches” I said nervously and left the hut….


“Did the GOAT in the tree wake you too?” asked the elder kindly, leading me to the campfire. “Have some cocoa with all the other cubs!” Goat_640

We brave cubs enjoyed our hot cocoa… we would go back to the hut soon. I’m sure the other cubs wouldn’t miss us!


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