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Newton Abbott Bear Fair 2016 | Toddy Furrington
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Newton Abbott Bear Fair 2016

A jolly nice sunny Sunday for a drive to the Newton Abbott bear fair and meeting Dee and new Dinkers. It was a long way for an elderly chap but we stopped for a nice cup of tea half way.


We arrived in good time and skipped ahead of the queue with The Tony Person to see the Dinker Stall all set up and ready for new Dinker owners to fall in love with the little bears. I could see Potty and Bertram and couldn’t wait to catch up with them.

Toddy and the Dinker Stall 640

Ronja and I hopped up onto the Dinkers Stall and everyone was so very nice. The Dinkers are the friendliest bears I know and they made us most welcome.

Toddy Ronja and Dinkers 640

After a little while Tulip and Cyril (who I know from Twitter) arrived from the train station and pretty soon we were all gossiping and meeting the new Dinkers.

All on the Dinker Stall 640

Can you see the Dinkerettes? Little tiny Dinkers but packed with love and lots of giggles. Dee had made Kara for me (the blonde Dinkerette in front) but I hadn’t met Honey or Fenrir until the bear fair. We had a good chat and they decided they would all like to come and join us at the riverbank Hug.

Dinkerettes -  Honey Fenrir and Kara 640

Potty spotted the open bar and quick as a flash led us over for some pictures. The Newton Abbot race grounds are a smashing place for bears to meet up and relax. With a jaunty “come on!” Potty ran along the bar top.

Theres no stopping Potty 640

The other chaps soon caught up, Tulip, Cyril, Tito, Miranda, Abe Fuzzy, Bertram and Ronja. A nice photo op and of course a chance to get some drinks at the bar ho, ho.

Bar time 640

Cyril and I had a quiet sit down and talked about our gardens. Cyril has sent us sunflower seeds from his fabulous flowers last year and the cubs are very excited about growing seedlings this summer. Cyril is a wonderful chap and I was very happy I got to meet him.

Cyril and Toddy 640

We all had a wonderful day at Newton Abbot and two of the Dinkers decided they would like to come and live at the riverbank Hug. The first was Grandpa Wilson who is a smashing Dinker and a real charmer.

Grandpa Wilson 640

The second Dinker to join the riverbank Hug this weekend was Tinker who has mad ginger hair just like Arth Doeth and we knew she must come home with us. She is absolutely adorable and is learning all of Arth Doeth’s Dinker wisdom as his apprentice. We had a wonderful tweetup and were jolly pleased to see Dee and meet Tulip.

Tinker with Arth Doeth 640

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2 Responses to Newton Abbott Bear Fair 2016

  1. Pip Mouse says:

    What a wonderful day Toddy. So pleased Tulip could join you

  2. Iris Esther López says:

    What a nice blog post. I enjoyed seeing all the cute bears. Thanks for sharing this.

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