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Newton Abbot Train Fair | Toddy Furrington
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Newton Abbot Train Fair

There was a Train and Toy fair at the Newton Abbot race course and I packed some sandwiches and the valet into the automobile and headed out into the mist. It was a jolly long way and we were jolly excited to visit a race course!

It was jolly nice to see Dee (@SherfordBear) at the Newton Abbot fair and to chat with a wonderful collection of new Dinkers. Aren’t they wonderful? All the other stalls for this fair seemed to be focussed on toy trains, which are nice enough, but goodness Dinkers are much nicer! Can you spot me on the stall?

Oh my goodness you should have seen all the Twecckles. Lots and lots of Twecckles! All different colours and all giggling and chatting and happy. I do so love Twecckles and think every bear should have a Twecckle furend!

I had a word with the Dinkers and asked if any would like to come home to #FurryTails and the riverbank with me. I was hoping some bears would like to join our little Hug and happily three of them decided to come along. Firstly there was Tonnipur Dinker who is a jolly practical sort of bear. He is so clever at fixing and making things, he said he would give us a paw at the riverside.

I was jolly happy to know Kernow Dinker. He is the first “surf dude” Dinker  I have met and so relaxed and laid back. Think Shaggy (from the Scooby Doo team) and you pretty much have Kernow. He is funny and chilled and brilliant. We have a surf board for Kernow and he has been waxing it ready for the summer waves! Look at that face… Kernow is a smashing Dinker.

One more Dinker came home to the riverbank with me. Tall and wild furred and mad about science fiction. I got on jolly well with Perran Dinker and he has been digging deep into the SciFi section of the #FurryTails Library. I had a wonderful day out at Newton Abbot and am so very happy to know these new Dinkers!

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  1. Kolo says:

    Oh what a fabulous day you had Toddy! Another new friend as well!

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