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Mini Snuffy and Mini Tweak Visit | Toddy Furrington
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Mini Snuffy and Mini Tweak Visit


We were jolly lucky to have Poppeteer’s Mini Snuffy and Mini Tweak come and visit us earlier this year. We went out exploring castles and pubs and ruins and pubs and all sorts. It was so nice to get to know them.

There are a surprising number of castles near the riverbank and I took Mini Snuffy and Mini Tweak exploring. Mini Snuffy enjoyed the castles and ruins very much. Mini Tweak asked if there was a pub nearby.

We had some nice bright winter days that were perfect for a nice walk. We went along the Wye Valley to Tintern Abbey was founded in 1131 and closed four hundred years later in the “Dissolution of the Monasteries” by Henry VIII. The Minis said they had a nice time exploring it.

Mini Tweak said thank goodness there is a nice pub over the road from the Abbey and they serve a jolly nice range of beers. We warmed our paws and had lunch before walking further along the Wye Valley.

Another day another adventure. I took the Minis to Avebury to see the 4500 year old stone circle. I think Avebury is unique in being the only village inside a stone circle, which is the largest circle in the UK. It was quite moving to walk the stone circle and think it has stood in the Wiltshire landscape for thousands of years.

Mini Tweak was quite excited to explore the Red Lion, a 400 year old pub haunted by the ghost of Florrie, a 17th century civil war woman. The Red Lion is the only pub inside a stone circle in the UK and probably in the world. Mini Tweak said the beer was quite nice.

One last big adventure before the Minis left. We went to the West Midlands Safari park for a Tweetup with Tour Guide Ted and Reddy from Twitter. We had a jolly exciting day and got really close to the animals. That’s a real lioness sitting only feet away from the car oh my! We saw lions and tigers but the only bears were stuffies ho, ho.

Mini Tweak helped us a lot with the riverbank wine cellar. He drank most of our dusty old vintage wine and left the shiny new younger wine. It was a pleasure to have Mini Snuffy and Mini Tweak visit us and when we waved goodbye they headed on to visit Kolo on the Isle of Wight. When Mini Tweak left our wine merchant cried. A lot.





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  1. TourGuideTed says:

    What a fabulous blog Toddy – was great to meet the minis and we are so glad our wine cellar is mostly intact…wish we could say the same about our beer cellar, eh Theo?

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