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Indy and Fjord | Toddy Furrington
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Indy and Fjord

When I met Harrison Dinker at Plympton and chatted about his cousins Fjord and Indy I just knew they would be right at home by the riverside. We had a little wait and everyone in the Hug were keen to meet the new bears. They arrived on a jolly nice sunny day and as we gathered around the parcel we could hear brother and sister Dinkers inside chatting away. Such a happy feeling!

Fjord and Indy Arrive 640


Soon Fjord Dinker and his sister Indy were out of the parcel and getting (and giving) hugs all around. These two are certainly not shy and retiring Dinkers, but the life and soul of the party. Real explorers and happy to make new friends wherever they go! The cubs were delighted to meet them and there was a lot of chatter and giggles I can tell you!

Indy and Fjord Hugs 640

Most of the Dinkers have a special Twecckle friend has you may know, and Indy has a Twecckle friend called Rowan who is so very like her. Fjord’s best Twecckle friend is a little Twecckle Twiglet called Satchmo (after the immortal Louis Armstrong) and we were all delighted to meet the new Twecckles and get to know them.

Indy and Fjord with Twecckles

Fjord and Indy soon settled into the Hug and I can’t imagine being without them. Aren’t they jolly nice Dinkers?

Fjord and Indy pick chocolate 640


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