Our first Halloween at #FurryTails Bar and Clubhouse was great fun. We had dressing up, spooky food and some great music. I really had a great time and the bar was quite busy. Cuddles and Chalky were monsters and made some wonderful treats for us all.

CandC Monsters 640

We set up an apple bobbing area and it was great fun getting those apples and getting wet. Lots of laughter and happiness for us all. This Halloween I dressed up as the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz. I do like those stories. How do I look?

Apple Bobbing 640

The cubs had great fun with all the Halloween candy and the music. Their giggling and chasing around were a delight to see. We were also lucky to have some Halloween hats made by Squeaky @OatyBear which the cubs absolutely love!

Pumpkin Hats from Squeaky

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