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FurryTails Bar and Clubhouse | Toddy Furrington
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FurryTails Bar and Clubhouse

FurryTails Riverside All

I was feeling a little lost, then, with my dear furends Cuddles and Chalky @Chalkybear13, we found the #FurryTails bar and club house! Oh what a weekend we had planning the grand opening – which was on Wednesday  8th October. #FurryTails brings us out of the city and into countryside with a wonderful view of the River Ursa.

Decking - Toddy 640

#FurryTails has a wonderful decking terrace with patio heaters for these cooler autumn days. I love to sit out on the terrace early in the morning and watch the ducks on the river, and again in the evening with furends, to watch the sun go down and bats take to the wing.

Comfy Chairs 640

Inside #FurryTails is cosy and welcoming… we have lots of overstuffed leather armchairs and sofas. We have a smashing library run by chief librarian Uncle @ThisBear and his beautiful assistant Tabitha @TabithaTeddy, a spa, a ball pit and a jolly nice boat house. Naturally Maurice @MauriceHoneyBee has moved his hive to the riverbank meadow for the last of the flowers.

Billiards Room 640

Do you like the #FurryTails Billiard room? It’s next door the Library and has smashing table and a dart board! I’m no good at pool and snooker but I have had lots of fun having a go. I’m having lots of fun with the new bar and clubhouse and the cubs are jolly happy. The move has been a smashing success.

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5 Responses to FurryTails Bar and Clubhouse

  1. TourGuideTed says:

    Furry Tails does seem to be doing well in it’s opening weeks, long may it continue Toddy! You, Chalky and Cuddles and the cubs are doing a grand job.

  2. this lookz like the placed to be!

  3. ryko says:

    We are back in town and hope to stop in and check out the Furry Tail Bar and Clubhouse this week!!

  4. Wow!! #furrytails looks fab!! run by so many great peeps too!! I’m gonna go make noise in the library and see if @thisbear throws balls of yarn at me! *mischievous giggles*

  5. Thomas Archer says:

    Oh wow, so pawsome and comfy and welcoming! Concatulations guys – #furrytails is wonderful!!

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