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Easter | Toddy Furrington
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It was a jolly nice Easter this year at #FurryTails and it was also Albert’s (@ATGBear) 100th birthday! We started Easter with a grand Egg Hunt, I wonder if you can spot how many hidden eggs there are in the picture?

Easter Egg Hunt 640

The cubs ran around looking for eggs all over the garden. It was great fun to hear their giggles and whoops and watching them chase around. Bertie Dinker found his first chocolate egg peeking through the flowers and goodness did he laugh!

Poogle Dinker spotted one that was a little harder to get at… he climbed into the bush and it swayed and wiggled and he laughed and giggled! He was reaching out slowly and carefully… and then it was his!

Inspired by Poogle, Cubert Dinker looked high and low – and spotted one in the birch sapling! Quick as an eel, Cubert shimmied up the trunk and was working out how to reach his chocolate egg. I think he has something of the Twecckle spirit in him.

All the cubs had a lot of fun and joined in with the grand Easter Egg Hunt. Abe Fuzzy was delighted with his chocolate egg – it’s almost bigger than he is and was jolly well hidden by Tonnipur Dinker ho, ho.

I hope that your Easter was a jolly happy one.

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