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FurryTails Casino Night

Dust off your dinner jacket and shine up your dress shoes, put on your spats and join us at #FurryTails for a night of Casino fun! We put some gaming tables into the main room beside the bar and set up the roulette table and prepared for fun! We were jolly lucky to have Coffee […]

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FurryTails Ice Rink

We had a smashing time with the unveiling of the new #FurryTails ice rink! We cleared a space in the loft above the rowing boats in the boat house and with a spot of paint and a new floor we soon had the rink up and running. To introduce the ice rink Cuddles and Chalky […]

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Bonfire Night

Remember, remember! The fifth of November, the Gunpowder treason and plot;  I know of no reason why the Gunpowder treason should ever be forgot! When Bonfire night rolled around I lit the bonfire on the riverbank and Cuddles and Chalky got the Bonfire treats ready. It was jolly exciting to see the firelight reflected in the River Ursa and […]

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Our first Halloween at #FurryTails Bar and Clubhouse was great fun. We had dressing up, spooky food and some great music. I really had a great time and the bar was quite busy. Cuddles and Chalky were monsters and made some wonderful treats for us all. We set up an apple bobbing area and it […]

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Pyjama Party Scary Story

We had a jolly nice Pyjama Party at the #TeddyEmbassy with great music and drinks and smashing food. The evening grew darker and chaps were tired out from all the dancing… so I told a scary story from my days in darkest Africa! When I was a cub in Africa we sat in the hut, sleepy […]

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