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Mini Snuffy and Mini Tweak Visit

  We were jolly lucky to have Poppeteer’s Mini Snuffy and Mini Tweak come and visit us earlier this year. We went out exploring castles and pubs and ruins and pubs and all sorts. It was so nice to get to know them. There are a surprising number of castles near the riverbank and I […]

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Newton Abbott Bear Fair 2016

A jolly nice sunny Sunday for a drive to the Newton Abbott bear fair and meeting Dee and new Dinkers. It was a long way for an elderly chap but we stopped for a nice cup of tea half way. We arrived in good time and skipped ahead of the queue with The Tony Person […]

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It was a jolly nice Easter this year at #FurryTails and it was also Albert’s (@ATGBear) 100th birthday! We started Easter with a grand Egg Hunt, I wonder if you can spot how many hidden eggs there are in the picture? The cubs ran around looking for eggs all over the garden. It was great […]

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Beanie Dinker

Beanie is a little¬†Dinker and heard about the fun her cousins¬†Indy and Fjord were having in the Hug and decided she would like to come and live with us! I was most happy with that and pretty soon Beanie was on her way to us! One or two of the Hug gathered to meet Beanie… […]

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Indy and Fjord

When I met Harrison Dinker at Plympton and chatted about his cousins Fjord and Indy I just knew they would be right at home by the riverside. We had a little wait and everyone in the Hug were keen to meet the new bears. They arrived on a jolly nice sunny day and as we […]

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Plympton Dinkers

On a bright day at the end of November the Valet drove me to the Plympton Craft Fair to meet Dee @Sherfordbear and see the Dinkers getting ready for Christmas. It was jolly exciting to see Potty again and we had a jolly good chat and caught up on our news. It was smashing to […]

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Our first Halloween at #FurryTails Bar and Clubhouse was great fun. We had dressing up, spooky food and some great music. I really had a great time and the bar was quite busy. Cuddles and Chalky were monsters and made some wonderful treats for us all. We set up an apple bobbing area and it […]

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