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Biddy and Buttons | Toddy Furrington
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Biddy and Buttons

A jolly nice start to the day and I was excited to go and visit my furend Biddy and his Hug. It was an easy drive with a little traffic as the valet and I bowled along the narrow country lanes nearer and nearer the sea. Biddy’s number one bear Tom had dressed in a fine suit for our Tweet-up and looked ever so posh.

Tom puts his best foot forward

After introductions and a good chat we got ready for tea and a picnic in the garden. Tom and Wendy helped everyone into clothes for the garden and I had a good talk with Teeny Weeny who is a really charming little chap.

Tom Wendy Toddy and TW in kitchen

We had own picnic and were relaxing with tea in the sunshine. Do you see the nice pink bow that Biddy gave to Ronja? Biddy and Ronja are “pinky pals” or best furends.

Tea with Tom

Biddy and I had a good long chat while the cubs ran around the garden together with Nanny and Tom looking after them. It was great to hear the giggles and whoops as they ran around. Biddy is very mellow and I was very happy to catch up with him.

Toddy and Biddy

While Biddy showed me around the garden, Nanny Rosella and her nephew Jazz sat in the sun with another cup of tea. Nanny says Jazz has grown into a fine Dinker and was so very happy to see him.

Jazz and Nanny chatting

We got to meet Buttons who is a lovely little pony. He showed us his field and took us for a ride. Ronja says she is a qualified rider now because she was at the front, but I think Buttons just took us where we needed to go and didn’t need any steering.

Tom Toddy Wendy and Ronja on Button

I was so happy to see Forest the lamb. She was so very poorly when she was born and we didn’t think she would make it through the night. Biddy’s mom looked after her, feeding her through the night, letting her know she was loved and wanted. Now look… Forest is growing into a nice young lady.

Toddy riding Forest

We had a smashing visit to see Biddy and it was a jolly nice day. Thank you for letting us come for the day.

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