Beanie Dinker

Beanie is a little Dinker and heard about the fun her cousins Indy and Fjord were having in the Hug and decided she would like to come and live with us! I was most happy with that and pretty soon Beanie was on her way to us! One or two of the Hug gathered to meet Beanie…

Beanie Arrives

It was hard to hear anything over the chattering of the cubs but if you listened carefully you could hear Beanie singing “99 bottles of beer on the wall…” ah… a timeless classic. I knew I would like this free spirit ho, ho.


Of course Beanie was keen to catch up with her Dinker cousins Fjord and Indie and tell them all the latest from Sherford Valley. I think Beanie, Fjord and Indy have the most wonderful fur don’t you?

Beanie Indy and Fjord

A brave and fearless little Dinker, Beanie was soon fast friends with Lyra Bengal. She is a bear who loves animals and said the cats are really nice and hardly fierce at all. Ho, ho I think she must have the heart of a lion tamer! Welcome to the Hug Beanie!

Beanie and Lyra

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